How much does tattoo removal cost in Denver, Colorado?

Prices for tattoo removal vary greatly from clinic to clinic.  Most reputable locations will not quote prices over the phone because there are too many variables that go into pricing tattoo removal.  A location that quotes over the phone are often notorious for changing that price once you walk in the door.  The best rule of thumb is to take advantage of the free consultation and get a chance to take a look at the clinic as well as the staff.

Generally speaking, if the tattoo can covered by one hand the price can range anywhere from $100-$250 per session.  If it takes two hands to cover the tattoo the price can range between $250-$400 per session.  Anything larger than that can run upwards of $450 per session.  We have extremely competitive pricing for tattoo removal in Denver.  Please book your free consultation and find out how much it will cost to undo your tattoo!

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