What is a homemade tattoo versus a professional tattoo?

Many people assume if a tattoo was done anywhere but a tattoo shop it is a homemade tattoo but they are incorrect.   A professional tattoo is any tattoo done with a professional tattoo gun using real tattooing inks regardless of location of where it was done, ie home, a party, a tattoo shop.  It doesn’t matter if the person doing the inking is a true professional tattoo artist.

The only tattoos that are really homemade are either prison tattoos or tattoos made from pen ink and used a needle to pierce the skin (most commonly seen done by teens).  What Were You Inking, The Denver Tattoo Removal Experts, see a lot of tattoos on adults done when they were teenagers and get excellent results with the removal process.  If you are one of those rebellious teens who let your best friend in high school give you a homemade tattoo – come see us – we can undo it!


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