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Does Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

How are prison tattoo inks made?

Although we don’t see a lot of prison tattoos here at What Were You Inking, this is a very commonly asked question asked by our clients removing their professionally done tattoo.    Most commonly prisoners will burn something in plastic to create soot.  The soot is then mixed together with shampoo or some other liquid substance and then injected into the skin with a homemade tattoo gun.  Tattooing is not allowed in prison and prisoners are subject to punishment for tattooing themselves or others.  These tattoos are the easiest type to get out and usually come out in only a few sessions because this is not ink designed to stay in the body for a lifetime unlike professional tattoo inks.

What is a homemade tattoo versus a professional tattoo?

Many people assume if a tattoo was done anywhere but a tattoo shop it is a homemade tattoo but they are incorrect.   A professional tattoo is any tattoo done with a professional tattoo gun using real tattooing inks regardless of location of where it was done, ie home, a party, a tattoo shop.  It doesn’t matter if the person doing the inking is a true professional tattoo artist.

The only tattoos that are really homemade are either prison tattoos or tattoos made from pen ink and used a needle to pierce the skin (most commonly seen done by teens).  What Were You Inking, The Denver Tattoo Removal Experts, see a lot of tattoos on adults done when they were teenagers and get excellent results with the removal process.  If you are one of those rebellious teens who let your best friend in high school give you a homemade tattoo – come see us – we can undo it!


How many sessions does it take to completely remove a tattoo?

How many sessions does it take to completely remove a tattoo?

Complete laser tattoo removal requires multiple treatment sessions, typically spaced at least eight weeks apart.  During each session, some but not all tattoo pigment particles are fragmented and the body removes the fragments over a period of weeks.  The amount of sessions needed to remove a tattoo varies greatly on the type of tattoo, the type of ink, the location on the body, and the individual person.  Many clinics will claim to be able to get your tattoo out in one session. At this point and time, there is no laser powerful enough to get a professional tattoo out in one session regardless of what type of session or method it is.

The bottom line – hope your tattoo comes out in five sessions but expect up to fifteen so you won’t be disappointed when you are the rare person it takes that long to get out.  We have the most up-to-date laser for tattoo removal in Denver and can offer you an honest estimate on how many sessions your tattoo will take to remove if you book a free consultation at What Were You Inking.

How much does tattoo removal cost in Denver, Colorado?

Prices for tattoo removal vary greatly from clinic to clinic.  Most reputable locations will not quote prices over the phone because there are too many variables that go into pricing tattoo removal.  A location that quotes over the phone are often notorious for changing that price once you walk in the door.  The best rule of thumb is to take advantage of the free consultation and get a chance to take a look at the clinic as well as the staff.

Generally speaking, if the tattoo can covered by one hand the price can range anywhere from $100-$250 per session.  If it takes two hands to cover the tattoo the price can range between $250-$400 per session.  Anything larger than that can run upwards of $450 per session.  We have extremely competitive pricing for tattoo removal in Denver.  Please book your free consultation and find out how much it will cost to undo your tattoo!

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Your tattoo consists of thousands of particles of tattoo pigment/ink suspended in your skin. While your normal growth and healing processes will remove small foreign particles from your skin, tattoo pigment/ink particles are permanent because they are too big to be removed. The treatments you receive at What Were You Inking – The Denver Tattoo Removal Experts will cause tattoo pigment/ink to fragment into tiny pieces. These smaller pieces are then removed by your body’s normal processes. The healthier you are the faster this tattoo removal process will be. Diet and exercise can play a key role in removal of your tattoo.

Denver Tattoo Removal Reviews

Below are just a few of the reviews What Were You Inking? has received for tattoo removal in Denver!

From S.B.
“I’ve felt comfortable (as comfortable as possible, anyway) for all 3 removal sessions. Ink is disappearing! I started my tattoo removal elsewhere and really happy to have switched to WWYI. Great customer service & great results.”

From H.A.
“The customer service is great and they did everything they could to make the experience as pleasant as possible. ”

From Kris S.
“A great experience – excellent staff, good online scheduling feature, clean and comfortable “de-inking” room, highly recommend”

Check out all our reviews for What Were You Inking? The Denver Tattoo Removal Experts online at Genbook!

Parents – We will have special rates for removing Barbie’s tattoos!