Our Technology

We use the Astanza Trinity Laser, the world’s only all color all-in-one tattoo removal laser. Why is this important? Specific colors need specific wavelengths to properly remove them. Unlike most laser tattoo removal clinics that only have two wavelengths, we have three, enabling us to provide you the best treatment at the best price.

Our People

All of our technicians are Certified Laser Technicians and graduates of the world’s oldest and most prestigious laser college. We pride ourselves on the fact that we only do laser tattoo removal. We continually invest in technology, education, and training. We work closely with vendors who also have expertise in Denver laser tattoo removal, assuring our staff stays current in the latest techniques and technologies.


What Were You Inking? provides the best treatment for the best value. We understand time is valuable and our goal is to get every tattoo removed in the least amount of visits. Because of our advanced technology, we can remove as much ink as possible each visit, working on more than one color each session whenever possible.

The What Were You Inking? Guarantee

When you partner with the Denver tattoo removal experts, What Were You Inking?, we guarantee you’ll love the results! If your tattoo is still visible after completing recommended number of treatments, we will offer free additional laser tattoo removal treatments for up to one year following your last paid treatment.

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